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The programs of the Department are divided into the following three main professional programs based on the specialties and research interests of teachers: 1. Integrated Circuit and System Application, 2. Network Multimedia and Game Console, and 3. Intelligent Robot. The characteristics of each program are described as follows:

1. Integrated Circuit and System Application:
With the courses focusing on integrated circuit technology as core courses, the program is designed to help students develop necessary abilities for chip design, IC layout, IC process, electrical energy processing, and circuit application and integration. Teaching resources include support from Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute, TSRI. This program, which intends to enhance students’ ability in microelectronics and cross-disciplinary integration, is one of the key programs supported by the government’s science and technology policy.

2. Network Multimedia and Game Machine:
This program aims to cultivate students and have them become the talents good at wired and wireless network application, engineering optics application, multimedia design, game software and video game console. Students are expected to develop their abilities in multimedia design, game software and video game console, wireless internet application and engineering optics application based on programming design, multimedia, network, and engineering optics.

3. Intelligent Robot:
With mechatronics as fundamental technology, this program combines “Artificial Intelligence” with “Robot Control” in a cross-disciplinary way and uses “Intelligent Robot” as the development core to cover the development and design of mechatronic products and intelligent robots. Teaching resources include Navigation & Control of the Intelligent Robot Lab, Smart Sensor & Supervisory Control Lab, and Embedded Processor & SOPC. In addition, the Department also continuously seeks for the internship and industry-academy cooperation opportunities provided by Central Taiwan Science Park and entities in the industrial areas nearby, in order for students to enhance their ability in cross-disciplinary integration by learning from work and to achieve the objective of graduation guaranteeing employment.