Key Facilities
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1. Integrated Circuit and System Application:

(1)Semiconductor facilities: Chip probe station, BGA repair platform, wire bonding machine, semiconductor process simulation software, semiconductor electro-parameter simulation software, and Altera FPGA development platform, etc.

(2)Facilities for circuit application: Solar teaching platform, electronic loading meter, electrical power analyzer, digital power analyzer, embedding system, 3D printer, thermo-imager, illuminometer, Gauss meter, and platform for self-driving car module development, etc.

2. Network Multimedia and Game Console:

Design system for OSLO optical system, optic measurement system, sensing system for communication components, wireless broadband communication network test system, Cisco CCNA network training system, satellite receiving system, cable TV termination system, 3D MAX modeling and animation development system, Unity game development system, Quest 3D game development system, microcomputer simulator, game console development system, embedded development system, interactive platform of virtual reality bicycle, 3D gloves, 3D tracker, head-mounted display, video virtual reality development platform, XNA game development system, Game Studio game development system, mobile communication game platform.

3. Intelligent Robot:

Intelligent robot, robot for taking orders, robot as a smart tourist guide, industrial robot, robot for disaster relief and search, mobile robot, powered lower-limb exoskeleton, Staubli six-axis articulated robotic arm, SCARA automatic production line system with four-axis robotic arms, parallel mechanical gripper module, laser scanner, laser guided positioning system, dual-band global satellite positioner, GPS receiver, loading mechanism, image vision system, DSP voice development system, embedded system, driver and servomotor, device for virtual metering and sensing experiment, data capture system, human machine interface software, MatLab software, LabVIEW software, Solidworks software, SOPC development equipment, ARM 9 CPU development board, ARM CORTEX-M3 CPU learning board, FPGA design-related software, engraving machine and personal computer, oscilloscope, power supply, signal generator, and other basic equipment